About Us

about_imageCaramoan Discovery Travels is a market-leading travel and full-service tour operator in Caramoan Islands.

Our services have, since we commenced operations, sustained an enviable reputation from both long-term Partners, as well as with returning Clients.

With almost 4 years of providing service excellence within the Caramoan tourism industry. Caramoan Discovery Travels maintains its leading position through an experienced, energetic, competent and a friendly staff.

We have, in particular, focused on developing existing, as well as new markets, to offer the Caramoan Islands as a unique, first-rate destination in the country. Our Partners and Clients include travel agents, tour operators and individual travelers Each also represents an important part of our multi-layered distribution network.

Caramoan Discovery Travels offers uniquely low wholesale rates for our Partners. Allowing them to access the Philippines market and enable them to provide their Clients and Partners with very attractive tour packages rates.

The company is officially registered at the Department of Trade & Industry with Certificate No. 01573077and has obtained a business permit from the office of the mayor with Mayor’s Permit No.2014-0000000111 and local tourism office of the Municipality of Caramoan, which is necessary to conduct travel and tour related services.

It’s also a pleasure for us to be a long serving member of the Caramoan Tour Operator Association to promote tourism industry in Caramoan Peninsula.

Thanks to an experienced management team, trustworthy employees and a financially stable business history, Caramoan Discovery Travels is one of just a few tour operators in Caramoan to have direct and full service tour operation.

All of our partners and staffs are focused on providing the best possible quality of service and not just the largest quantity of business.

If you are looking for the holiday experience of a lifetime, we can help plan and book travel arrangements that suit both your preferences and budget.

Our professionally trained travel team can provide you with time saving expert advice on the best possible accommodation and tours on offer in Caramoan Islands.

Please note that even though our rates are often substantially lower than competitors, we will never provide any product or service that does not meet our highest quality assurance policy.

Caramoan Discovery Travels is the preferred choice for thousands of visitors booking hotel accommodation and resort holidays in Caramoan Islands. They choose us because we can help them have an outstanding holiday at an exceptionally good value.

Only Caramoan Discovery Travels can offer you such a unique range of quality accommodations at such affordable rates. We can provide these prices, as we are located in Caramoan and having long-term agreements with local hotels and resorts.

We meet and greet all our Clients upon arrival. Just look for a sign with your name (and a friendly face holding it).

It is our desire to make your holiday as pleasant and memorable as possible. To achieve this, we personally attend to every little detail.

We want you to know that Caramoan Discovery Travels are at your service 24/7, 365 days a year.

Rest assured that you are in the best of care. Relax, enjoy peace of mind and let us help you get the absolute most out of your vacation.

Our goal is to help people from around the world experience the remarkable and inspiring beauty of Caramoan Islands.

To provide customer focused travel services at very affordable prices.
To introduce new Clients to the most exclusive Travel Agent and Tour Operator in Caramoan Islands.
To be trusted and accepted by all Clients and Partners.

To work closely with local Caramoan hotels and resorts and promote them as one of the best and most attractive holiday destinations in the country.
To understand and provide a level of professional assistance that exceeds every Client’s expectation.

To build and strengthen the Caramoan Discovery brand by developing our services and providing competitive low rates to both new and current Clients.
To position the Caramoan Discovery brand as the premium Travel Agent/Tour Operator choice in Caramoan Islands.
To plan, position and execute all our business activities strategically and to reach achievable targets successfully.

We offer the most affordable Island tours and packages in Caramoan Islands. We organize Group and Individual island tours based on desired budget.

Hotel/Resort Reservations
Island Hopping, Snorkelling, Rock Climbing, Caving and Trekking on the Mountains.
Handling Group Tours
Airport Handling

Caramoan Discovery Travels is the preferred local handling agent, located in Caramoan, offering the highest service standard, including the convenience of communications and follow-up for almost any industry.

As your local handling agent, we are equipped to provide a “one stop shopping” solution that includes land arrangements, shore excursions, transfers and related services.

We provide a consistent level of quality service and can facilitate all your shore-side requirements.

Inquire about how Caramoan Discovery Travels can add value to your brand by providing handling other services such as arranging airline flights, land transfer from Metro Manila and rest of the Bicol Region.