1)  How to go to Caramoan?

If you’re from Naga City, go to Central Bus Terminal and look for buses bound to Caramoan (i.e. Raymond Bus/MRR Bus or Florencia Bus).Fare is ranging from P220-230(aircon) and P200(ordinary). Trips starts Raymond/MRR Bus-(1AM, 2AM, 3:30AM, 4:45AM, 6:15AM, 9:15AM, 11:45AM, 2:30PM & 4:30PM) for Florencia Bus – (3:45AM, 6:30AM, 9:30AM, 12:00NN & 3PM. Travel time will take 4 – 4.5hrs.

If you’re from Metro Manila, take air-conditioned bus from Araneta Center Cubao or in Pasay City Bus Terminal bound to Bicol either Naga, Legaspi, or Sorsogon fare is ranging from P700-1,000 depending on bus type. All buses from Metro Manila bound to Bicol and Visayas made a stopped over in Naga City bus terminal.

If you want to travel by airplane, there are also direct flights from Manila to Naga/Pili Airport, the Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific fly regularly from Manila Airport Terminal 3, travel time will take 45mins. Once you’re in Naga Airport, take a taxi going to Naga City Bus Terminal and look for buses bound to Caramoan (i. e. Raymond Bus/MRR Bus or Florencia Bus). Fare is ranging from P220-230(aircon) and P200(ordinary).

2 ) About Caramoan?

Caramoan is a group of islands with white sand beaches, rugged limestone formation and unspoiled mountain ranges remained prestine and beautiful, known as one of the Philippines best kept paradise. Caramoan is one of the thirty-five municipalities of the Province of Camarines Sur known as “CamSur” and is situated at the heart of the Caramoan Peninsula at the southernmost tip of Luzon. It occupies the lower eastern portion of the Province of Camarines Sur.

It is bounded on the north by the town of Garchitorena and the Pacific Ocean; on the northeast by the island province of Catanduanes; on the south by Lagonoy Gulf; on the east by the Maqueda Channel and on the west by the municipality of Presentacion.

The municipality is situated between east longitude 1 and 13o46″ north latitude. It covers approximately 27,741 square kilometers with approximately 71 kilometers of irregular coastline surrounded by the vast ocean, bay, seas and swamps. It is approximately 501 kilometers away from Metro Manila; 115 kilometers from the municipality of Pili, where the seat of the provincial government and the Pili Domestic Airport are located; and 130 kilometers away from Naga City, the heart of Bicol.

Caramoan has gained tourism popularity in recent years. After the place has been featured in the news and local television programs, local and foreign travelers started to explore the beaches of the peninsula. Caramoan is one of the National Parks of the Philippines and considered as one of the next tourism frontier of the world.

Caramoan has just started, however it is slowly gaining its popularity but it still remains to be unexploited and non-commercialized. Popular tourist destinations are the Caramoan National Park, the Centro, and Gota Beach, and popular activities include island hopping, diving, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, trekking on the mountains and exploring the caves.

Caramoan has been a favorite site for international franchises of SURVIVOR such as France, Israel, Bulgaria, Serbia, Sweden, Expedition Robinson(Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Holland), India and USA.

 3) Communication Facilities?

Major means of communication are also available in Caramoan by two cellular communication companies namely Smart and Globe, presence of internet service providers and a local cable company.

4) What about Night Life?

Caramoan is such a quiet laid back town that there’s almost zero night life. It is not like that of Boracay wherein bars, restaurant, clubs, cafes and karaoke bar is available, but you can have some alcoholic drinks at The Central Discovery Hotel and sing with the videoke. Caramoan has just started, however it is slowly gaining its popularity but it still remains to be unexploited and non-commercialized.

5) Is there any restaurant in Caramoan?

Restaurants are abundant in Centro, downtown area. There’s Bed & Dine(formerly Camalig Grill), Lutong Bahay, and specialy at The Central Discovery Hotel that serve great food. Also in Brgy. Paniman one of the jump off point for island hopping activities, there are also small carinderia’s where you can eat.

6) What to do in Caramoan?

There are endless things to do while in Caramoan Islands; ocean adventures such as kayaking and snorkeling. Scuba diving would give great enjoyment of the marine life found in the islands. Those who are not into water sports may also enjoy trekking on the mountains and exploring the caves. For those who seek adventure may want to try rock climbing. Island hopping will never be the same again once you experienced hopping in the beautiful and spectacular islands of Caramoan.

7) How about the Climate?

The climate of Caramoan is tropical which is divided into wet and dry season. The climatic control over the two air stream systems produce the two distinctive variations in the climate, the monsoon and the Pacific trade winds. From October to January, the northeast monsoon prevails, while the north Pacific trade winds occur from February to September. For  information about the Caramoan weather forecast, visit the link: http://www.weather-forecast.com/locations/Caramoan/forecasts/latest

8) How do I know if Caramoan Discovery Travels is a legitimate or DTI Registered Company?

Go to http://www.bnrs.dti.gov.ph/web/guest/search, type Caramoan Discovery Travels then click search. You can also verify other travel agency or tour operator by searching the name. If their business name does not appear on the search, they are not a DTI Registered.

9) How can I pay the reservation fee?

Payments for reservation fee can be made through cash deposits to our account. Details can be found in the reservation page. The reservation fee is deductible from the tour package price per head and the balance is payable upon completion of the tour.