Gota Village Resort – Beach Front

Gota Beach Resort is the top end resort in Caramoan recommended for those who don’t mind paying extra for a somewhat more luxurious beach escapade. It has its own beaches which are also open for the public so it is best to avoid it during weekend (Caramoan residents pay Php 150 and Php 300 for non-residents). A lot of the time the beach is occupied by the crew of reality TV show “SURVIVOR” from different countries so it is often closed for public. It is also quite expensive to stay at this resort compared to other resorts in the area now but its location makes it all worth it. The resort is surrounded by towering limestone cliffs covered with green vegetation and it has two coves with fine sand. One of which is another jump-off point for island-hopping. It is a few minutes boat from Matukad, Lahus Island and Hunungan Cove.